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The Winter Bash hats. Why?

I have been issued several new hats. I do not like them because they are pointless. I would like to opt out.
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Deleted comments - why, and how can we stop it happening?

Possibly related to can we prohibit erasure of comments?... On the thread Asserting that Atheism and Theism are both faith based positions, I posted an answer. There was a short exchange of ...
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Are we required to do exegetical work?

Consider this question: How can effects be thinkable without a law of causality?. This is a pretty interesting question, which I would very much like to discuss with others. The question is, however, ...
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How to determine in which cases is it strictly necessary to add citations to reliable sources that support my assertions?

This might be considered as a further elaboration on my previous question Users acting as authorities, in the sense that, similarly to that question, I want to clarify for myself some existing nowhere ...
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Users acting as authorities

I participate in several SE sites, and nowhere have I seen so many users acting as authorities (prescribing to other users what they should do, discussing questions/answers from the point of view of ...
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Regarding unhelpful and weird comments by some user with a big reputation

I have recently asked a question about Physicalism and if there are any useful thought experiments against the concept , like Mary's Room and Searle's Chinese Room ; I think it was Jobermark who ...
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Why Philosophy Stack Exchange is so bitter? [closed]

Today I came to register to Philosophy Stack Exchange, I naively thought that only StackOverflow was all negative because of mature age of the system and users with 5+ years under their belt getting ...
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Editing a question and then voting to close

The following two questions of me: Were there any pre-enlightenment philosophical considerations of the naturalistic fallacy or related concepts? What are the main points of criticism of the ancient ...
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