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Congratulations, Philosophy is graduating!

It's a big day. You've been cleared for graduation by the Stack Exchange Community Team! Philosophy met our threshold for graduation-worthy sites and after a review, the Community Team determined that ...
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Philosophy Topic of the Week: Plato!

NOTE: The weekly challenges are suspended until further notice (probably at least until the new year.) You can see the rules and outstanding list of thinkers below. Please feel free to continue to ...
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FAQ for Philosophy.SE

Community FAQ For Philosophy.SE, a site in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network You may also wish to review the community FAQ for all sites in the StackExchange network. Content Asking questions What ...
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1 answer

Is Philosophy SE being trolled, and why exactly aren't these questions closed?

So I went onto Philosophy SE main looking for good substantive questions, and Instead I find: Is Gravity The Fundamental force? The question seems like an obvious joke, so I said, and scrolled down....
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2016 Community Moderator Election Results

Philosophy's first moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 3 new moderators are: They'll be replacing the pro tempore crew shortly — please thank everyone ...
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We want hats, right?

SE is planning to run another "dash for hats!"-style promotion this year, but this time for all the sites. Here's some example hats from last year: Now, it's totally opt-in, both on a per-site and ...
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2018 Community Moderator Election Results

Philosophy's third moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the new moderator is: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for ...
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Scope of the tag "logic"

In the last 24 hours, several have had the tag "logic" removed from them. There seems to be a "logic" about this, but I'm not sure I follow it in every case. First, several where I agree: Is this a ...
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Happy holidays, Philosophy!

Happy holidays, everyone! Well, it's been a long and wonderful year! I just wanted to say that I'm really thankful for the community here, and that I continue to be excited to be part of it as it ...
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Site design and logo — Draft

👋 I'm Simon, a designer at Stack Overflow and I've been working on designing a theme for this community! Your site design As mentioned in our first post - below you'll find the site design I came up ...
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Should we have a chat box linking to the Symposium?

Many custom pages like SciFi & Fantasy have chatrooms permanently linked directly in their sidebar. As not many of you will remember, we actually do have a general chatroom in philosophy as well: ...
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Obviously punitive voting with no explanations

This is the convergence of two different issues -- excessive, patterned downvoting is the primary issue. But that issue could be resolved if we knew what the motivation behind the downvotes was. ...
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Community blog?

We've now acquired a pretty solid group of 'avid users' of the site and I wanted to take a temperature check around the possibility people might be interested in contributing to a community blog, ...
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Have we achieved Elite Status on Philosophy.SE today?

Have we acheived 'leet status here on Philosophy.SE? I have as evidence:
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APIs, Scripts, Browser Add-Ons, and PhilSE Backend

2020-11-07: Since asking, I've found a link to in another post. Arrrrgh, Unfurling of Flag In the spirit of shared ownership, I'm seizing this ghost ship (read inactive post) to ...

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