Tautological Revelations

One of my relatives is extremely ill. Please do not contact me unless it is an emergency.

Logic We Can Believe in: Finding the Valuable Gold in an Ocean of Information

Pioneering Knowledge Engineering | Serving Humanity


“The consummate leader cultivates the Moral Law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is in his power to control success.” ― Giles, Lionel. "The art of war by Sun Tzu." The Internet Classics Archive (2007).


What does "Tautological Revelations" mean?

I am interested in Knowledge Engineering and any/all that field spans. I am interested in Douglas Hofstadter-style writings.

I am focusing on studying data mining, as to build a base for more advanced topics in data science later on. Never neglect the fundamentals because: A house without proper structure will collapse.

I have been around for a while, and I have done many things. I have many intellectual interests.

I can be contacted via Stack Exchange's chatrooms for research, business inquiries, and the like.

I do not need a job. I get too many job offers already. Please do not contact me to offer me employment. The exception is if you work for a legitimate charity.

Do not ask me for investment advice (you can ask for other advice, though). It's very rude and not my speciality. The exception is if you work for a legitimate charity.

Please do not mine data about me. I have a family to protect.

"Wikipeda-style English;" Mid-Atlantic/Technical Writing/Diplomatic English; New York-South London hybrid dialect: Native | 🇹🇭: Conversational | 🇸🇪: Mixed Proficiency | Latin: Very Limited | 🇪🇸 (California Dialect): Very Limited

(I am embarrassed by my level of proficiency in Swedish.)

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