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I love those slow-cooked stews I leave quietly bubbling in a crockpot all day while I am out doing other things. Please forgive my odd utterances. My demons love to embarrass me. I mean no harm. I have always been a poor man. A life without boredom is one of the loveliest gifts I have received from studying philosophy--a gift perhaps far more valuable than any material wealth. I can always sit somewhere by myself and enjoy my time just thinking about it. I was fortunate to learn from some wonderful insightful philosophy teachers at the University of Arizona during the late 90s and early 2000s. I went off study other things, mostly psychology and neuropsychology, but I always felt as though I was a spy. In some sense, I am always doing philosophy, living it, breathing it, and learning from it with everything I do.

In my spare time, I enjoy coming back to it, although humbly. I enjoy seeing what the other odd ducks are quacking about and how they are still out there spinning the minds of our fellow cave dwellers. The light outside the cave is blinding for me and it is difficult for me to stay too long in the Sun without losing myself in madness. I have learned to approach it with more caution and remain tethered. Some of those sparkly stones on the ground out there are very powerful and probably not meant to be touched by mere mortals like myself. Hopefully, I am semicoherent enough to participate in some small way without being too much of a nuisance. I appreciate any time that is given to help me understand difficult ideas or to correct my errors. For me, it is a lifelong learning and developmental process. Although I began studying it many years ago, I still feel much like a toddler in many ways, still very curious and finding my way through it one wobbly step at a time.

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