Stephen Kirby

I am a seeker of the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help My Truth (Why would I write; so help me god? Since no god has been proven to exist since the beginning of human history, why would I want to change my goal into a lie?)

I am seeking the Truth, not some ersatz human conceptualization of the Truth.

2500 years ago or so, Parmenides made clear for the benefit of humankind that the Truth can be known, that untruth can be examined and eliminated from use in the formulation of decisions, that what is true cannot be made to be untrue, and that what is untrue cannot be made to be true.

220 years ago or so, Immanuel Kant made clear for the benefit of humankind what it takes to discern information which is the Truth from information only masquerading as the Truth. He said that the only way to do so is 'without the guidance of another [entity or individual].

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