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I have MS and have been non-ambulatory for the past 5 years. I believe it is essential to have at least one clearly defined and worthy adversary. I've managed to define a couple. MS is one of those. Ignorance is another.

Just so you know, and more importantly, just so I know that you know (keeps me honest), I'm a product of the white, blue-collar, Deep South. I dropped out of high school, married and gave birth, before I was seventeen.

Until just a few years ago my big goal was to knockout my husbands girlfriend--his niece--live on the Jerry Springer Show. Alas, Jerry's show is off the air and my dream remains unrealized. Dixie dreams, what can I say?

Additionally, I'm a poet and trying my hand at long-form fiction; a novice PC user greatly interested in expanding my understanding of IT and integrating that understanding with my literary aspirations.

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