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Discussion on the appropriateness of edits

I think apart from personal preferences, the way how a question or an answer is altered and how links are embedded is crucial in any edit. The main reason for carefully considering the extent of an ...
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What can be done to help users improve their questions?

A few quick responses. (This is a great discussion to have and I hope others weigh in too!) Question-closure is important for indicating the on-topic line "negatively". It sends a signal to new ...
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Are too many questions being closed because of how they are phrased?

No. Or maybe to be more specific, we can only answer questions based on "how they are phrased." And when questions are worded in ways that invite open-ended answers or belie deep ambiguities ...
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Link to a question directly targeting one of the answers

Below each answer is a "share" link. If you click on it you can copy a URL that is a link to that particular answer. BTW, this is a good way to cite another user's answer in your own responses. v ...
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What can be done to help users improve their questions?

What can be done to help users improve their questions? The site should insist on precision and brevity. The positive message could be that such qualities improve the site for everyone and advance ...
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Do edits really need to bump a post in the "active tab"?

Meta Meta has long discussions of this feature, see The problem with automatically bumping edited posts and its predecessors, including its use for spotting malicious edits, complaints about "...
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Recurrent Question Type (RQT): “Is X ethical?”

EXAMPLES Is it ethical to impose ethical values on others? Is nationalism ethical? Is film making ethical? Is it ethical to confess? Is having a “type” ethical? DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS It asks if ...
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Discussion on the appropriateness of edits

Hi: I tend to restrict editing to the correction of spelling and grammar and of factual errors such as (recently) a reference to 'John Hopkins' medical school. It's 'Johns Hopkins', of course. A while ...
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