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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc).

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Can we remove these tag synonyms for "logic"?

Tag synonyms for logic The following tags will be remapped to logic: reasoning, contradiction and conditionals I would advocate removing all of these synonyms, as they function better as independent, ...
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Theology tag equivalence

About this question around the statement God is good. I am no theologian, and question seemed about theology so I let it be. I noticed that a subsequent edit removed the theology tag. So assuming ...
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Make "physics" a tag synonym to "philosophy-of-physics"

I think that physics should be a synonym to philosophy-of-physics, similarly to how the tags mathematics and science have been treated (they are now synonyms). This would be most consistent with ...
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TAGS: "Language" vs. "Philosophy of Language"?

What is the difference between "language" (on a Philosophy site) and "philosophy of language"? Shouldn't these be tag synonyms?
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Tags: Jurisprudence vs. Philosophy of Law

I would like to have a philosophy-of-law tag. Firstly, I think that jurisprudence and philosophy of law aren't nearly the same thing (I could elaborate on this, but I doubt anyone would be interested ...
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Merge "knowledge" and "epistemology" tags?

What is the consensus on merging or symlinking knowledge and epistemology? Are there any reasons why we should need both tags? Although I was in favour of retaining epistemology at first (probably ...
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How does the tag synonym system work?

With tags, it's possible to search questions via these tags, or categories, and this has a lot of purposes throughout the site, from searching, categorization, etc.. My question is: How exactly do ...
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