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Philosophy Topic of the Week: Plato!

NOTE: The weekly challenges are suspended until further notice (probably at least until the new year.) You can see the rules and outstanding list of thinkers below. Please feel free to continue to ...
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We want hats, right?

SE is planning to run another "dash for hats!"-style promotion this year, but this time for all the sites. Here's some example hats from last year: Now, it's totally opt-in, both on a per-site and ...
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Community blog?

We've now acquired a pretty solid group of 'avid users' of the site and I wanted to take a temperature check around the possibility people might be interested in contributing to a community blog, ...
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Help us call for proposals for the SE Fellowship on your blog, site or listserv

The SE Research Support and Fellowship Program launched recently with our very own experienced and highly respected users reviewing fellowship applications. To make the program a success, we need ...
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