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Tag monitoring?

So I've been on a bit of a re-tagging kick lately. I've been mostly removing inappropriate tags, like the [logic] tag which people tend to apply to anything that even references an argument. Now, I ...
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Merge "knowledge" and "epistemology" tags?

What is the consensus on merging or symlinking knowledge and epistemology? Are there any reasons why we should need both tags? Although I was in favour of retaining epistemology at first (probably ...
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More specific tags needed to cover questions in logic

The comments posted are pretty useful, I think. I refactored my question to better reflect the problem I see with the current logic tag. I like the feature request linked, it could be elaborated as an ...
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Should we get rid of the name-that-claim tag?

There is one question with the name-that-claim tag. I really don't think that is a useful tag at least in part because of the sort of question that it will encourage. I was about to remove it from the ...
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