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First answers queue and questions with closing votes

I just gained access to the "First answer" queue and reflected on something. It seems that questions which are borderline, that is, have received some negative feedback (I am not able to see ...
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What can be done to help users improve their questions?

I had a look at the question closure statistics (link for 2k+ users) and the following strikes me as potentially bad: We close about 1/4th of our questions. Of those, for roughly 40% it should be ...
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General Philosophy StackExchange Questions

I study computer science and intend to work in that, so I'm more frequently on anything closely related to StackOverflow, which might be more core to StackExchange than this particular area of the ...
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What can be done to get less rubbish answers?

I have the impression many low quality questions don't get closed or not fast enough. I'm talking mainly about primarily opinion-based questions, as they attract a load of low quality answers, ...
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Is the philosophy stack exchange obligated to feed the refugee academic with no access to libraries

I have met some academics who are refugees on temporary protection visas in Australia. They are not allowed to work or study and have a great need to keep relevant and up to date in thier fields of ...
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How can we encourage asking questions and increase the rate of new questions?

Well, it appears that our visitor stream is gently ticking upward from the early days of the public beta. I implore everyone to remember that welcoming new users into the community is a critical ...
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What steps can we take to improve accessibility and friendliness?

There have been comments in chat and a question on meta reacting primarily to the perceived hostility of the site at this point. Of course it's beta and we have to be ruthless in pursuing a robust ...
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