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Is this formal logic topic more appropriate at math.stackexchange?

There are a number of questions on this site of the form, "How do I prove X in Y deduction system?" (especially Fitch). While this is a topic which arises (for good reason) in many philosophy classes ...
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1 answer

Why was this question about logic migrated to the mathematics SE?

I am puzzled why this question tagged with 'logic' was migrated to the mathematics stack exchange: The question was about arguments in natural language ...
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Why is the question about maladaptive thought deleted without migrated?

Is there any study about how half-baked philosophies encourage maladaptive thoughts? (deleted) At first I flagged the question to migrate it to Psychology, and it was closed without being migrated. ...
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migration suggestions missing?

Didn't there used to be an option to add the url of a more appropriate forum for a question to be asked in? What is the procedure for suggesting a more appropriate forum? If there is not an option to ...
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Are questions that are "just" about Christianity on-topic?

I have migrated this question to Christianity.SE where it has (already!) been edited into shape and has received several upvotes, which I think is a better fate than it would likely have received on ...
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How can I argue about a migration that I don't agree with?

Suppose someone migrates your question to another site, and you believe the question was misunderstood. The other site closes it down since it also doesn't fit. What is the most appropriate course of ...
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