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Postmortem for a question about formal logic

Recently the question, "Computable Syntax", hit the Hot Network Questions sidebar. It has an accepted answer and lots of good commentary. Regardless, there's a couple glaring issues with the ...
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Is this site dying?

OK so the title is obviously way too serious, but hear me out. I've joined Phil.SE about 2 years ago, and had a whole lot of fun learning philosophy through it, with some very well-educated and fun ...
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Has the peculiar nature of Philosophy SE, wrt other SE's, been defined?

There are certain differences between the principles and practice of academic branches; among these Philosophy stands markedly apart. For one, Philosophy is self referential like no other discipline. ...
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As a Philosophy stack I think we should be unique

I believe with metaphysics being a large part of philosophy, we should have a meta-meta stack. I am not quite sure if we can find a concrete purpose for it. One possible idea I had was that it ...
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Are Meta-2 Questions permitted on Meta?

Are we allowed to ask questions about meta on meta? Or is meta only for discussing the main site? Thus, I am not sure if this question is acceptable here.
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Can't suggest edits on Meta

I can suggest edits on main but not on meta. "edit" is grayed out and not available. Is there a restriction due to low reputation?
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Let's wake up chat and meta!

We're at an interesting point in terms of our site growth and community development. I just thought I'd talk a little bit about where we are and why we should try to start making an extra effort to be ...
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