Wittgenstein's notorious paragraph: can axioms in natural language prove their own consistency?

This question should be closed cos the phrase "analaytic language" is unclear. How is it unclear? I would suppose that the vote is based on the belief that I am not literate or intelligent enough to use phrases like "analytic language", which is OFC itself nonsense or bullshit IDK which technical term to use.

I am neither a philosopher not self taught. I am an ex undergraduate student who likes asking questions. Please get a grip if you think that means everything I say is nonsense: that is your own pretention, if so.

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I don't mind how well or poorly a question is phrased as long as it is easy to follow and unambiguous. I would vote to close a question if I couldn't make sense of it, or if it was so open to interpretation that I couldn't be sure of giving a relevant answer.

  • i can't ger my head around what questions i shouldn't answer (or indeed ask). i don't answer questions i know nothing about, at least :D
    – andrós
    Apr 19 at 9:57
  • although all and only my best questions/answers are, imho, at -1. maybe i have a fan
    – andrós
    Apr 19 at 9:59

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