Which makes me suspicious tbh. Do y'all have access to beta editions of chat-gpt? I believe it is unlikely that the quality of the site has suddenly quadrupled+, not without LLM assistance.

What do us mere mortals do about it?

Is Robin Collins correct that a “Theory of Everything” doesn’t solve the fine tuning problem?

Skolem’s paradox

Can you help me understand the masked man paradox?

Is the failure of substitutivity in an intensional context simply due to a lack of clarity in terms of the identity operator?

etc. all well reserached questioned asked in roughly the same 24 hours. There may be others, or another anyway.

  • 1
    Sharing some examples might be helpful ...
    – Mark
    Mar 30 at 10:37
  • Aren't LLM better at answering than at asking questions actually?
    – Johan
    Mar 30 at 11:56
  • i have no idea @Johan i'm sure you can get them to ask questions though
    – user66697
    Mar 30 at 13:00
  • 7
    I do not see a lot of good questions lately. I see a lot of speculative questions without any prior research that invite or explicitly ask for opinions but not much I would upvote without a second thought. There is more overall activity, though, which may be seen as a good development.
    – Philip Klöcking Mod
    Mar 31 at 17:55
  • i saw the opposite @PhilipKlöcking but only over the past two or three days
    – user66697
    Mar 31 at 22:28
  • 3
    the one about skolem's paradox is far from 'great', and the masked-man one is literally a rehash/just an example of failure of substitutivity (i may even have marked it as a duplicate)
    – ac15
    Apr 8 at 14:36


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