Does it suggest they are using a chat bot or that their question was just random noise or what exactly?

I'm guesisng it could well be the former and they aren't great with chat-gpt, that they are asking the app questions from, rather than about, its previous responses, if that makes sense. But IDK

Is the speciousness of the specious present specious?

what about events that are viewed from a different location from their origin? Is having a time extended word in Experience much different from having a simultaneous view in Experience?

enter image description here

When we have Experience it is like a view, it occurs around a centre point (although nothing flows into that point in the view). There is separation of the centre from the periphery.

I was unsure what the argument was, and they explained

a time extended object in our Experience is always fixed at the same place in space. Remove this assumption by permitting motion or a flexible geometry and it is possible to have an ersatz time extension, represented by a pattern in space, or a real time extension that uses a flexible, non-Euclidean geometry

Which surely isn't what appears in the original question. An example from a few accoounts.


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