So one of the "reasons that can be given" here for a VTC is:

While this question may be related to philosophy or occur in a philosophical context, the question itself doesn't seem to be about philosophy, and is therefore not a good fit for our site.

I confess that I have perpetually been at a loss when it comes to understanding what sort of complaint this is. C.f. "While the question may be related to the Bible or occur in a Biblical context, the question itself doesn't seem to be about the Bible," or similar substitutions. I can faintly see how a question would not fit this SE if it was only "related to" philosophy or only "occurrent" in a philosophical context, but a question that was both related to philosophy and occurrent in said context, would be about philosophy, going off almost any plausible definition of "aboutness" at stake, I would think.

So I wonder whether we would be better off removing this as a VTC reason, here, since as it stands it doesn't seem very much like an actual "reason" so much as an obscure excuse.

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If a question is not about philosophy, even though it is philosophy adjacent, why would this not be the entirely appropriate tag?

  • My lack of understanding is about that kind of phrase, "philosophy-adjacent." For all sorts of topics, we have the "philosophy of" that topic, which seems like it's adjacent to that topic. For something to be philosophy-adjacent just seems to collapse to "is the philosophical side of the topic." Sep 12, 2022 at 0:39

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