E.g. there was a recent question here on what it means to "be yourself", which is a buzzword in many self-help books and in some popular-culture contexts (and slightly more seriously in some organizational culture/psychology contexts.)

Are such questions on-topic here as-is? What is the philosophy SE answer to a question like this? E.g. enumerate over (all) possible philosophical takes on the matter?


I'd say questions like that would be okay if they are tightly scoped to one particular philsophical school: "What does it mean in existentialism to "be yourself"?" "What would Nietzsche say it meant to "be yourself"?"

If it's not scoped like that, then such a question is just an open-ended invitation to pontificate on whatever you want. Close that down immediately.

  • Agree. Philosophy of person/self and writings on authenticity are too vast a field to cover if asked about without a specific scope.
    – Philip Klöcking Mod
    Mar 16 at 9:27

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