After seeing 2020 Year in Moderation I've taken the liberty of comparing it to last year's Review. Specifically, what draws my attention was the comparison of the Review Queues.

Thought if I was interested, perhaps others might as well, so I've made a quick comparison for the users (you may share your opinions in the comments/answers, but I've mainly done it for reference in the future).

Task Mods+Community - 2019 Mods+Community - 2020
Tasks reviewed: Suggested Edit queue 878 809
Tasks reviewed: Reopen Vote queue 571 256
Tasks reviewed: Low Quality Posts queue 502 243
Tasks reviewed: Late Answer queue 377 342
Tasks reviewed: First Post queue 1,589 1,311
Tasks reviewed: Close Votes queue 4,809 3,160

If I may share, my personal opinion is that we can obviously see a decline in reviews (some queues suffered more, like Reopen and Low Quality which may be discussed further). I would like to be hopeful and say that we can see a welcomed decline in Close Votes, but the fact that we don't see a bump in a different queue (for example Suggested Edit, which should be stated that has suffered almost the least since last year) shows that it might just be a part of general decline in reviews, and not a sudden change in the way the users review (one we've talked a lot about).

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