Corresponding to the question concerning atheism/agnosticism: Do we consider practical questions on Buddhism like this one on-topic here?

I don't mean to ban every question on Buddhism, many of those seemed to at least relate to other philosophical question, like Is Buddhism a religion or philosophy? or What would an economics that takes buddhism seriously look like? But questions that are only concerned with the interpretation of purely buddhist concepts and notions - I don't see how they belong here (btw., hopefully there will be a Buddhism Site soon.

What do you think?

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I mentioned this in passing in chat the other week. Not sure what people's feelings are about these questions (a handful of people seem to like them, as a number of those questions that I would consider off-topic are getting upvotes), but to me if they are about practicing Buddhism, they are off-topic. If they are about some philosophical notion of Buddhism, they are on-topic (i.e., the same criteria we have for Christianity and other "religious" questions).

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