Titles that ask "X on Y", are they permitted? Two recent examples:

Nietzsche on the idea of Alienation


Quine on higher set theory


The title of the question does not have to be a question itself. The only requirement is that it clearly and specifically describes the topic of the question. If the question can be summarised in one sentence, that is usually a good title. When the question is "What does Nietzsche say about alienation?", I don't see the problem with the title "Nietzsche on the idea of alienation".

Some examples of good titles:

Some examples of bad titles:

  • What fallacy is this? — 'this' refers to the body, so this is not descriptive
  • Plato and Socrates — the body provides necessary context
  • Philosophy of mind: what is 'intuition' for Kant? — 'Philosophy of mind' is a tag and can be omitted from the title - however, for tags like 'kant', they usually appear naturally in the title
  • thanks keelan, and example of a good answer :-) ! what about "X on Y" which isn't so broad as the question title would suggest ? – user25714 Apr 21 '17 at 8:23

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