Can I ask this question: what recent philosophers should I be reading? I would (am?) adding context:

  • that I would prefer analytic work about science;
  • but am also interested in general aesthetics and ethics;
  • that I have a grounding in philosophy but have read little recently;
  • that I'm averse to Sartre, entity realism, and political theory since Marx;
  • and would want something which takes literature, nihilism, and ontological naturalism pretty seriously.

Maybe too vague?

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I think this is indeed not a very suitable question. For mainly two reasons:

  • This would be a list question with no ultimate best answer. How should one decide for which answer to vote and for which not?

  • You're specific set of interests/requirements is very localised, and therefore unlikely to help others stumbling upon your question later on.

This seems like an excellent question for the chat room.

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