What is 'major' about the major term in logic?

I ask because this question involves terms in Logic.

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    Just flag the question for reopening, no need to ask on Meta. – user2953 Jun 8 '16 at 5:21

One-off purely definitional questions do not really strike me as particularly constructive here (since they are well-covered elsewhere) -- but in the SE spirit, maybe consider a post asking for a glossary or appendix of logical terms, with one definition per answer.

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There are currently (by my count) 3 questions related to this same idea:

  1. Why did Aristotle describe as Extremes: the Major Term and Minor Term?
  2. Why did Aristotle choose the terms 'Major Term' and 'Minor Term'?
  3. What is 'major' about the major term in logic?

It seems that we all are having trouble understanding the philosophical problem you're having.

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