In my present understanding: Marxism consists of three aspects: Philosophy, Political Economy, Scientific socialism.

And many questions are interweaved with each other closely. Some examples of Political Economy are used to exemplify Philosophy Principles.

here is my first question, I see some comments say that something is off-topic.

So, are questions about Marxism(I think it is philosophy) accepted here.

What's your opinions.


Good question. The line can be hazy sometimes, but the general rule I've been following is that typically a topic is considered valid for Philosophy.SE if you can find it (or an umbrella issue pertaining to it) in your average introductory textbook on Philosophy. Marxist philosophy is fine, but I think is talking about it's applications in the real world, which is not about the concept of Marxism itself per se but how that concept applies in current day situations. This move, while not always bad, does seem to push your question more off-topic for this site and perhaps a better fit for Politics.SE.

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