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Sep 30 '21 at 13:09 answer Philip KlöckingMod timeline score: 2
Sep 30 '21 at 7:22 comment added Dasem Maybe instead of blocking people, this weird site should delete all the posts that it thinks aren't good enough for the site? Just a smart suggestion for a stupid site. I'm done here. Bye.
Sep 30 '21 at 7:10 comment added Dasem Score is a useless criteria for anything, just because someone doesn't understand the question that doesn't mean the question isn't good. Besides by deleting a question i tought i was doing the responsible thing, especially when i aske a question that no one answering it and the single person who does answers use a method i didn't learned yet (not his fault) after finding myself solving my questions, i tought deleting it was the right thing to do. But this weird site complains about the question and simultaneously block you for 6 months for deleting it, wtf.
Sep 30 '21 at 6:11 comment added Andrew T. Yes, it has anything to do with it. Based on the currently visible questions, you have a not-so-good history (score < 0), not to mention that deleting more questions will just worsen the situation. Also, note that the question ban is automatically determined by the system. No one, not even moderators can impose and release this ban (note: I'm a moderator on other SE sites).
Sep 30 '21 at 5:56 comment added Dasem That has nothing to do with it, my questions on the logic forum weren't different then this questions for example: philosophy.stackexchange.com/questions/38611/… , I'm pretty sure one of the manager blocked me for no reason, maybe it is his way for a self therapy by deciding which person he is going to block next in order to feel good with himself. Stupid site, go ahead and totally blocked me, i don't care anymore.
Sep 30 '21 at 3:53 comment added Andrew T. Have you read the linked help center thoroughly: Why are questions no longer being accepted from my account?
Sep 30 '21 at 0:57 history asked Dasem CC BY-SA 4.0